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Capturing moments of importance on Film and Compact Digital Cameras became relegated to a pastime in comparison to creating moving pictures with videos cameras as a means  of artistic creation for me.  That changed with the purchase of my very first DSLR in mid 2008.  That purchase re-ignited a childhood passion for creating Art through photography.  That is to say, since hoping to be a Commercial Artist since childhood, I attended various art schools all the way up until about 17.  When I was 12, one Art Teacher gave me a camera and said, 'let's see what you can create with this..."  Well, camera's proved too expensive back then for a kid, so the passion went into hibernation until that Canon Rebel  T1i in 2008.

With that purchase i once again found myself hungering for that "better picture", capturing that "defining moment", and finding ways to create art that moves the viewer through this visual medium.

Since then, not being able to put the camera down (I still carry my Nikon FE with me everywhere I go in my carry bag) has led to being able to use my Artistic Eye to not only create art, but also to provide service to those in need of capturing their important moments.

Winburn Creations is a service provided by the Wife, Father, Daughter, and Son Team of the Winburn Family.  Take a moment to browse our website to see the type of work we can do for you!


Life Events            Sweet Sixteen           Christenings & Baptisms            First Communion           Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah                                          Holiday Parties             Corporate Parties                   Corporate Head Shots          Sporting Events                                                                          Film and Theater Headshots                  Family Portraits               Senior Portraits      Prom Nite             Yearbook 

Winburn Creations

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